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The Power of the Bean Counter

Posted: 2014/12/04 | Author: UOJO


Professor Tomo Suzuki, Professor of Accounting and Sustainability Management, Saïd Business School,  University of Oxford

Accounting as an academic subject – what is it? Is it just counting beans, or is there more? Professor Tomo Suzuki answers these questions from a Social-Constructivist view. “Accounting used to be good when it simply reflects the reality, but it can be good, much better, if it creates a better reality. That’s what I am doing.”

Using the latest Institutional Mechanism Design thinking, Professor Suzuki developed the “One Additional Line” disclosure scheme to help enable emerging economies to achieve sustainable development. As a fundamentally simple concept of just one additional line where companies disclose their CSR spending, the scheme is politically easy to introduce, very low-cost to regulate, market-driven rather than government mandated, and above all, game changing in how it drives companies to balance CSR activities with profit making.

Drawing on the real example of India where the introduction of this new system is expected to raise 3.3 billion US dollars this year alone in CSR spending, Professor Suzuki will explain this new development. “The scheme is indeed as simple as one line, and that is the key for success”.

Tomo Suzuki is Professor of Accounting and Sustainability Management at Saïd Business School and Fellow of Hertford College.

Friday 16 January 2015

19:00 – 20:00 Lecture UF Hall Sanbancho UF Building 1F, 6-3 Sanbancho Chiyoda ku, Tokyo This lecture is free of charge and will be delivered in English

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20:15 – 21:45 Reception Tanakaya La Mer Sanbancho 1F, 6-4 Sanbancho, Chiyoda ku, Tokyo ¥3,000 (payable on the door)

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