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Book: Japanese universities

Posted: 2017/08/01 | Author: UOJO


Professor Takehiko Kariya’s new book 『オックスフォードからの警鐘 グローバル化時代の大学論』 has been published by 中公新書ラクレ. The book looks at Higher Education reforms and internationalisation activities in Japanese universities in the context of the increasing globalisation of universities around the world. Professor Kariya looks at how Japanese universities are aiming to increase their presence in the university world rankings, and asks if their strategies are really going to be able to achieve the desired results. As a current professor at the University of Oxford, and former professor at the University of Tokyo, Professor Kariya uses his experience of both systems to propose alternative ways in which Japanese universities could make best use of their strengths.

Takehiko Kariya is Professor in the Sociology of Japanese Society in Oxford’s Department of Sociology and Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies.

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