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Inside Oxford: the Proctors (lecture)

Posted: 2014/06/18 | Author: UOJO


In this new series entitled the Inside Oxford series, we will look at some of the unique features of the University of Oxford. As the oldest university in the English speaking world, Oxford has many distinctive, fascinating and sometimes puzzling characteristics. In this series we aim to demystify some of these singular features of our ancient university.

Our first topic is the Proctors, a role that now only exists in the ancient universities of the UK – Oxford and Cambridge. The role of the Proctor in Oxford is one that goes back to medieval times and pre-dates that even of the Vice Chancellor. In ancient times the Proctors had very far-reaching powers including the power of arrest, not just in the University, but throughout the city. As such they had their own police force and even their own prison cells.

The role of the Proctors today has changed considerably over the centuries, but they remain an integral part of Oxford life, playing an important role in student discipline, complaints procedures, and the governance of the University. They also hold an important ceremonial function. Every year the colleges elect two Proctors who serve in this senior role, in keeping with the University’s ethos of self-governance, and commitment to respect the voice of the academics.

In this talk Professor Rebecca Surender will give an entertaining and personal account of the role, describing some of the uniquely Oxford ceremonies and traditions she experienced during her year as Proctor from 2013 – 2014. The talk will also cover some of the more serious issues facing universities today and explore how the University of Oxford is dealing with these issues, which range from the changing culture of student demands, the effects of technology on plagiarism, diversity and expanding access for students, and how universities can better compete in a global marketplace.

Professor Rebecca Surender is Associate Professor in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, and a Fellow of Green Templeton College at the University of Oxford.

Tuesday 15 July 2014
19:00 – 20:00 Lecture

UF Hall
Sanbancho UF Building 1F,
6-3 Sanbancho
Chiyoda ku, Tokyo
This lecture is free of charge and will be delivered in English

20:15 – 21:45 Reception

La Mer Sanbancho 1F, 6-4 Sanbancho Chiyoda ku, Tokyo ¥3,000 (payment details will be sent on booking)

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