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Highlights of our office in 2014

The University of Oxford Japan Office organises a variety of events throughout the year. We have two popular lecture series open to all: Oxford Academics in Japan in which speakers talk about their specialist area of research, and Inside Oxford in which speakers explain some of the unique features of our ancient university. We also hold events for prospective students, alumni, and successful applicants, and closed sessions for experts in particular fields. Read on to find out some of the highlights of our activity in 2014. Also remember to keep an eye on the News and Events section of our website, and sign up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming events that you can attend.

Radiation and Reason

Professor Wade Allison, Emeritus Professor of Physics and Fellow at Keble College gave our 8th Oxford Academics lecture in which he explained how nuclear energy is a million times more powerful than fire, and yet far safer. Professor Allison’s website

November 28

© University of Oxford Japan Office – Professor Wade Allison giving a lecture in Tokyo.
© University of Oxford Japan Office – Gathering of alumni who studied Japanese at Oxford as undergraduates, postgraduates, or visiting researchers.

November 25

Oxford Japanologists in Japan

Alumni who studied Japanese at Oxford either at undergraduate or postgraduate level, or as visiting researchers got together for a social event supported by the Japan Office. The group is planning to keep in touch and hold other events in future.

The Bodleian: A Library that Changes the World

Bodley’s Librarian, Richard Ovenden gave our second Inside Oxford lecture, presenting a broad and fascinating overview of the past, present and future of our iconic university library. The Bodleian is one of Europe’s oldest libraries, and the second largest library in the UK after the British Library. Bodleian Libraries website

November 21

October 29

Presentation on Graduate Studies at Oxford

Prospective applicants to Oxford who are interested in graduate studies gathered in our office to hear from staff and alumni about admissions. We hold this event every year and it is an opportunity to find out more about studying at Oxford and how to make a strong application. Graduate Studies website

Law Faculty Recruitment Event

The Dean of the Faculty of Law Professor Timothy Endicott gave a presentation to prospective students about the unique features of reading Law at Oxford. Law has been taught at Oxford since the 1100s. Popular courses for Japanese students include the Masters in Law and Finance which is jointly taught with the Saïd Business School, and the MJur which is aimed at outstanding students from civil law jurisdictions. Oxford Law Faculty

September 19

September 18

Is the International Tax System Broken?

Professor Judith Freedman gave our 7th Oxford Academics lecture. She discussed the tension between public opinion that holds that multinational companies are not paying their ‘fair share’ of tax, and the fact that governments around the world are trying to attract these same companies through favourable tax environments. Professor Freedman’s profile

Reuters Institute at British Chamber of Commerce and Waseda University

Dr David Levy and Nic Newman of Oxford’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism talked to British Chamber of Commerce Japan members about emerging patterns of digital news consumption around the world and how this is affecting traditional news media. They also gave a presentation to leading Japanese journalists at Waseda University. Digital News Report website

September 11

© University of Oxford Japan Office – Dr David Levy and Nic Newman with British Chamber of Commerce Japan executives.

July 15

Oxford Proctors

Dr Rebecca Surender, Associate Professor of Social Policy launched our new lecture series Inside Oxford with a look at the Oxford Proctors. Unique to the two ancient universities of the UK, the Proctors used to have far-reaching powers including the power of arrest throughout the city. Nowadays they still play an important role in student discipline, complaints procedures and the governance of the University. Dr Surender’s profile

Pre-departure Event

All successful applicants from Japan who had received offers to study at Oxford were invited to our Pre-departure Event. Every year we hold this event and organise a live video link with the Student Support Office who give advice and answer questions on preparing to arrive at Oxford. We also invite alumni who give more informal perspectives and advice. It is a great way to network and make friends with others who will be at Oxford with you.

July 14

© University of Oxford Japan Office – Successful applicants from Japan who had received offers to study at Oxford come to a pre-departure event.
© University of Oxford Japan Office, photograph by John Cairns – Dr Kazuo Inamori giving a lecture in Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre.

May 9

Kazuo Inamori in Oxford

Legendary Japanese businessman and entrepreneur Dr Kazuo Inamori gave a major public lecture to a packed audience in Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre. He talked about his business and life philosophy and how he turned Japan Airlines around in three years from being on the verge of collapse to being one of the world’s most profitable airlines.

The Vice-Chancellor meets Prime Minister Abe

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited London with the Presidents of some of Japan’s leading universities. Oxford’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Hamilton met the Prime Minister to talk about enhanced Japan-UK collaboration in the Higher Education sector.

May 1

© University of Oxford Japan Office – Oxford’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Hamilton meets Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in London.
© University of Oxford Japan Office – Alumni of Wadham College at dinner in Tokyo.

April 5

Wadham College Dinner

Alumni of Wadham College had a reunion in Tokyo with the Warden of the College Lord Macdonald of River Glaven. College Heads often visit Japan and we try to organise reunions for their alumni wherever possible. Wadham College website

Weighing Black Holes

Dr Martin Bureau delivered our sixth Oxford Academics lecture in the series. He talked about the supermassive black holes hiding at the centre of every galaxy, traditional methods for measuring them, and a new, conceptually simple but powerful method for measuring them developed in Oxford. Dr Bureau’s profile

April 4

© University of Oxford Japan Office – Lord Ken Macdonald at a round-table event with Japanese lawyers, politicians, activists and journalists.

April 3

Roundtable on Death Penalty

Leading Japanese lawyers, politicians, activists and journalists joined Lord Ken Macdonald, Warden of Wadham College and former Public Prosecutor, at a round-table event to discuss the death penalty in Japan. Lord Macdonald described the historical experience of the UK in abolishing the death penalty. Lord Macdonald’s profile

Merton College Dinner

The Warden of Merton College Professor Sir Martin Taylor hosted a dinner for alumni in Tokyo. Merton College is one of the oldest colleges in Oxford and celebrated its 750th anniversary in 2014. Merton College Website

January 21

© University of Oxford Japan Office – Professor Sir Martin Taylor in Tokyo.

January 20

Roundtable on the Vision for Science and Mathematics Education

Professor Sir Martin Taylor was the Chair of this Royal Society committee which drew up an influential report to set out a new vision for how science and maths should be taught in schools to meet the needs of the 21st century. Top members from a Japanese panel looking at this same issue met Professor Sir Taylor to explore and compare findings in each country. Sir Martin Taylor’s profile

Is democratic politics broken?

Former Nissan Professor Arthur Stockwin explored the theme of democracy in the modern age and asked if it could survive given the deep-rooted problems that current political systems are facing. To do this he looked at changes occurring in geopolitics, the global economy, means of communication, governance and relations between citizen and the State. This was the fifth in our Oxford Academics series. Professor Stockwin’s website

January 17

© University of Oxford Japan Office – Former Nissan Professor Arthur Stockwin giving a lecture in Tokyo.