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The Seibu Lions and WildCRU

Posted: 2019/07/31 | Author: UOJO


Photograph: WildCRU

The Seibu Lions baseball team has a project this year to “Save Lions” by donating to WildCRU – our Department of Zoology’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.  For every home run that a Lion’s player hits at a home game, the Seibu Lions will donate a certain sum of money to WildCRU to support their important work in lion conservation. 

African lion populations have suffered an estimated 75% range reduction in the last 100 years and  there may be as few as 20,000 lions left in the wild. WildCRU’s Trans-Kalahari Predator Programme aims to better understand lion behaviour and movement patterns and to work closely with local communities to promote the coexistence of humans and predators. This should simultaneously improve human livelihoods and safeguard globally threatened lion populations. More information on WildCRU’s work with lions can be found here.

On Wednesday 7 August the Seibu Lions will be holding a special Save Lions Day in the MetLife Dome in Tokorozawa. Information on the event can be found in Japanese here. Further information on the Seibu Lions Save Lions initiative can also be found on their special project website here. This website also contains information on how you can donate to support the project.