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Yanai Tadashi Foundation scholarships

Posted: 2020/06/10 | Author: UOJO


The Yanai Tadashi Foundation provides scholarships for Japanese high school students to attend a number of top universities in the US and the UK including the University of Oxford. Applications for  2021-22 entry will be accepted through the Foundation’s website in two phases, with the first phase from 1 July – 30 August 2020. The second phase of applications will be open in the winter

Mr Tadashi Yanai is the founder and president of Fast Retailing, which is the parent company of well-known fashion brand Uniqlo. Through its programmes, the Yanai Tadashi Foundation  “takes a unique approach to social issues help create a society where people are self-reliant, respect each other and live a full life.”

The University of Oxford is amongst the list of universities at which the scholarship can be held. Please visit the Yanai Tadashi Foundation website ( for further details and information on how to apply.


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