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The University of Oxford Japan Office aims to foster partnerships and make connections between the University and businesses, foundations, alumni and individuals in Japan.

Oxford has strong links with Japan. The Bodleian received its first Japanese book in 1629, and the first Japanese student, Tomotsune Iwakura, came to the University in 1873. There are countless research collaborations between Oxford and many of the leading universities and companies from Japan. The University has one of the best departments in the world for Japanese Studies, and is home to both the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies and the Oriental Institute, in which Japanese is taught as an undergraduate subject.

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Studying at Oxford

If you are interested in studying at Oxford, please look at the Admissions section of our website, where you will find all the information you need for applying to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

There are a number of scholarships available, some of which are specifically aimed at Japanese candidates.

  1. Oxford Kobe Scholarships
  2. Swire Scholarships
  3. Aso New College Scholarship
  4. Ripplewood Scholarship (Merton College)
  5. Oxford Uehiro-St Cross Visiting Programme

Oxford also provides hundreds of other scholarships that are open to students regardless of their nationality. You can search for scholarships on our Fees and Funding website.

Oxford Alumni

We have over 1000 University of Oxford alumni currently in Japan, three active alumni societies.

  1. Oxford University Society Japan
  2. The Cambridge and Oxford Society
  3. Oxford Business Alumni – Tokyo Chapter

Please contact these societies directly to find out about their latest activities. In addition, the University of Oxford Japan Office regularly holds academic and social events including our popular Oxford Academics in Japan lecture series. These events strengthen ties between Oxford alumni and friends of the University. If you were at Oxford, please update your contact details on the Alumni website or contact us to ensure we can invite you to our events.

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Support Oxford

Oxford Thinking is the fundraising campaign aiming to raise £3 billion to secure the University’s place as one of the world’s top universities for the next 900 years and beyond.

The campaign was launched in 2008, and it has already made a massive impact on the University. Donors from Japan have played a key role in this success. Your donation makes a true difference in many important ways. It helps provide scholarships for the best minds internationally, it endows posts that allow us to attract the world’s academic elite, and it supports the University’s unique and precious buildings—the buildings where cutting-edge research is conducted and where our cultural and intellectual heritage is protected and made available for generations to come.

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