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Covid Conversations

Posted: 2020/05/19 | Author: UOJO


Covid Conversations is a new series of talks in which some of the very many scientists in Oxford who are working on research into Covid-19 talk about their work. A total of six talks are planned on a variety of topics related to research into the coronavirus. It is a great opportunity to hear directly from the scientists about the disease and to ask your questions. The talks will be available for viewing from immediately after they have been broadcast.

Talk 1: How Oxford is tackling Covid-19
In this talk broadcast on Wednesday 6 May, Head of Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division Professor Gavin Screaton gives an overview of some of the key achievements to date of Oxford’s research into Covid-19.

Talk 2: Viral Pathogenesis
On Wednesday 13 May, Professor William James and Professor Richard Cornall talk about Oxford’s research into how the Covid-19 virus behaves in humans.

Talk 3: Drug Discovery
On Wednesday 20 May Professor Nicole Zitzmann will talk about her group’s research into the biological questions around Covid-19 and how to use these to aid drug discovery.

Talk 4: Immunology
On Wednesday 27 May Professor Paul Klenerman will talk about his group’s research into antibodies and immune responses to Covid-19.

Talk 5: The UK’s Digital Contact Tracing App
Professor Christophe Fraser and Professor Michael Parker explain the epidemiology and ethics that have underpinned the development of the mobile contact tracing app used by the NHS.

Talk 6: Vaccines
Professor Sarah Gilbert will talk about Oxford’s work to develop a vaccine for Covid-19.

Links to the talks and information on future talks will be available through the Covid Conversations page on our website.

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