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Reuben College

Posted: 2020/06/16 | Author: UOJO


In 2019 the University established its 39th College, which will now be called Reuben College thanks to a very generous donation from the Reuben Foundation. The Foundation has also established a major new scholarship programme for graduate and undergraduate students.

Reuben College was initially known as Parks College owing to its location on Parks Road in the heart of the science area. It will share some of its space with the Radcliffe Science Library and the University museums, and will also be equipped with cutting edge technologies and digital resources to encourage knowledge exchange and public engagement. Reuben College will be a graduate college and initially focus on the three broad subject areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Environmental Change; and Cellular Life. It aims to bring graduate students and academics together in an interdisciplinary environment to address some of the key challenges  faced by the world today.

Reuben College will start recruiting its first students from September ready for admission of the first cohort in autumn 2021.


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