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New book by Roger Goodman

Posted: 2020/07/16 | Author: UOJO


Professor Roger Goodman, Warden of St Antony’s College and Nissan Professor of Japanese Studies has co-authored a new book with Dr Jeremy Breaden. The book was released in June 2020 and is entitled “Family-run Universities in Japan: Sources of Inbuilt Resilience in the Face of Demographic Pressure, 1992 – 2030.”

Almost 80% of all university students in Japan attend private institutions, and up to 40% of these are thought to be family businesses. Such universities have negotiated a period of major demographic decline since the 1990s. This book looks at how these universities have shown great resilience in facing dramatic changes in their operating environment.

The book is available to order from Oxford University Press. You can receive a discount of 30% by using the code in this leaflet when placing your order.

Professor Goodman’s research focusses mainly on Japanese education and social policy. He has written a number of acclaimed books and lectured widely on the anthropology of Japan.


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