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Lecture: Japan’s China Policy

Posted: 2023/11/28 | Author: UOJO


Oxford Academics in Japan Lecture Series
“Leadership and Japan’s China Policy: From Diplomacy to Grand Strategy”
By Dr Giulio Pugliese, Departmental Lecturer in Japanese Politics and International Relations

The rise of China has fuelled the hopes and kindled the insecurities of many of its neighbours. This presentation engages with the wider implications of such a rise by examining Japan’s China policy, because Japan’s approach to China is symptomatic of region-wide trends, if not global ones. In particular this presentation will look at how political leadership in post-war Japan’s China policy has evolved to create a Grand Strategy across the diplomatic, information, military and economic domains that allows for strategic balance with China, and in the process turned Japan into a quiet leader in world politics.

Giulio Pugliese is a world-renowned scholar of Japanese diplomacy. He is Departmental Lecturer in Japanese Politics and International Relations and affiliated with the Nissan Institute of Japanese Politics. In November 2023 he received an award from the Nakasone Peace Institute.


Thursday 21 December 2023
19:00 – 20:00
Lecture will be delivered in English only.
UF Hall, Sanbancho UF Building 1F, 6-3 Sanbancho, Chiyoda ku, Tokyo
Map to lecture venue

20:10 – 21:30
Tony Roma’s, La Mer Sanbancho, 6-4 Sanbancho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
JPY 5,000 (payable on the door)
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